I’m Going Any Way The Wind Blows | Senado Square

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I love Macau’s unique blend of Portuguese and Chinese heritage, and there are tons of sites which reflect both cultures. With no real plan, we wander aimlessly through tourist attractions and small back alleys, letting our free schedule allow us to get lost and found at will.Those who like to do a bit more than just gamble in the casinos should take their time to visit Senado Square (My favorite attraction in Macau) which is paved Portuguese style. The pastel colored old and historical buildings that make up the square, gives it a Mediterranean feel. The best part of our Senado Square trip: Free samples of jerky (I was snacking on these for hours) and polvoron with almond. They just give out bite after bite of nearly everything on their shelves with no complaint.

Livararia Portuguesa E Galeria De Arte (Bookstore, Souvenir Shop) situated right smack in the middle of Senado Square

Ruins of St. Paul’s.  The great ruined facade and staircase to the St. Paul’s Church, if it weren’t already so obvious with the crowd, this is one of Macau’s famous tourist attraction.

Macau was built by the Portuguese. It’s old urban architecture is one of the most attractive features of the city.

View from the St. Paul’s staircase. I like how the European designs gave an Oriental slant in actual building.

Combination of Portuguese and Chinese designs and new buildings, all gently crammed together in the same city.

Macau’s historical old city, its churches, statues, parks, and monuments give the city a romantic feel.

Random shot at the Square.

If you like people watching, The Senado Square is a perfect place. lol

The combination of European-Chinese designs has charmed almost all visitors to the place.

Say Queso!


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Dreamin’ Of 8 Balls And One-Eyed Jacks | Macau Baby!

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If you do go casino hopping, make sure you check out The Venetian. One word that best describe the Venetian Resort Macau is ginormous. The Grand Canal Shoppes at the 3rd floor is worth a stroll as it houses a lot of exhibits, entertainment, and more. Many people come to the casinos for day trips and don’t stay at the hotels, so don’t worry if you’re in a tight budget. You can visit as many casinos as you want. The most famous ones are of course the Venetian, Wynn Resort, Grand Lisboa, and the MGM Grand. Anyway, I won’t bore you guys with words, enjoy the photos.

I think this is the Macau-Taipa Bridge. The bridge is meant to take the shape of a dragon.

Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge

Located at the lobby of The Wynn Hotel is the Dragon Show every hour. Smoke coming out from the background and the lights spectacularly lit the dragon which looks like fire was coming out.

The Grand Lisboa has a highly unique design, with the building looking like a blooming flower/bottle of perfume from afar.

I felt I was at the Resorts World Manila inside The MGM Grand Macau.

Infront of The Wynn Hotel.

Macau is a deeply fascinating place.

Cantonese is widely spoken in Macau. English Language is not popular except within hotels.

The Venetian Macau.

The facade of the Venetian Macau. The largest building in Asia and the second largest in the world! How’s that?

I freakin’ love Venetian.

All I see is gold, gold, gold.

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