Hong Kong Trip

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I was browsing through some old pictures and came across an entire album of photos from my trip to Hong Kong a couple of months ago so decided I’d post a few to share with you all. I didn’t do any planning during my trip to Hong Kong. I knew nothing about the place other than I had to eat noodles and dumplings. But somewhere along the way, I realized that 5 days was not enough time to explore the place, you will never ran out of things to do. Hong Kong is simply an energetic city that you should visit and I need to return to for a much longer visit. It was a great trip. It left me exhausted, excited, and encouraged. Here’s hoping that it isn’t another years before I’m able to travel or visit Hong Kong again.

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Boxfresh Philippines

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Manila, Say hello to Boxfresh autumn/winter collection 2012. Boxfresh isn’t going to a new direction for its new collection, but rather an old direction with a new perspective. A shoe brand with humble market stall beginnings & strong London roots, This brand has been the style of British Streetwear since 1989.

Photos via Boxfresh

Grab Your Boxfresh Now:

Res Toe Run - Glorietta, Trinoma, Gateway, Robinsons Galleria, Filinvest, Ayala Cebu, Marquee Mall

Brat Pack
- Greenbelt 5, Gateway, Eastwood, Ermita, Davao

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5 Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To at the Moment

I usually find myself listening to specific songs over and over again to the point where I can’t stop listening to it until I hear something new, that will do the exact same thing to me. One of my favorite things is to come across a song on YouTube or Vimeo that I have not heard in years. It’s rediscovery all over.

Here are some of the songs that I play on repeat over and over again:

I discovered British Band Skinny Lister just a few months ago and never stop listening to them since then. Plough and Orion is by far my favorite song. The video below features real life couple Claire & Pete, who I read somewhere got engaged in front of the band, during their Homemade Tour.

This song makes me high! The lyrics is so beautiful! Damien and Lissa are genius. Folks’ cover is one of my favorites. The chorus I think describes how they are needing different things out of the relationship. While the girl seeks to be the fulfilling love that saves him from his pain, he does not see her this way. She can’t help him as she wants, no matter how much she loves him, and he can’t be healed by her. Ahhh damn. Love this song.

Coeur de Pirate’s music makes me feel good. She plays the piano and sings what I guess are wonderful stories in french. I first heard her song ‘Comme Des Enfants’ a year ago, ever since, I’ve been hooked. Maybe I should start learning French. Check her out guys! You will love her! :)

Snow Patrol is one of my favorite band on earth and I am very happy that they haven’t stop creating beautiful songs that are very inspiring. I think, “Called out in the dark” could probably be described as their most catchy and recognizable track to date.

The Cave is an awesome song. It definitely maintains a solid folk feel. I actually think this is even more catchy than their last 2 singles.  This song, essentially, tells the listener a story. This is what all good songs should do.

So what songs can’t you stop listening to at the moment?

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