Photo Dump: Boracay Weekend

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Just got back from my weekend in Boracay. I ventured out to the island to relax,  go swimming, enjoy the natural scene, read a book, meditate and forget about everything and everyone (I know, I’m boring ha!). Enjoy the photos. For now, back to work…

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Weekend Inspiration: Reverse Of Volume | Yasuaki Onishi

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Here is a little inspiration for the weekend by Yasuaki Onishi. I have No idea what it’s like to see this thing in person, but seeing the photos and videos, it’s just mind-blowing. The artist uses the simplest materials that you could ever find; plastic sheeting and black hot glue, to create a monumental, mountainous form that appears to float in space. Amazing :)

Photos via Rice Gallery

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Benjamin Jean Jean

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I have pondered on this question, ‘what is it that inspires me?’. People. To be more precise: motivated, talented, and creative people. I’m pretty sure ya’ll know at least one person who, regardless of what he or she does has contagious positive, creative energy that inspires you.

Benjamin Jean Jean works inspires me. He’s a French artist who’s into just about everything, from photography, drawing, design, surfing (both shaping & riding). He has definitely inspired me to pick up a paint brush, start working with my hands more, and live my life the way I want to live it. 

Excerpt from his biography:

“Deeply rooted in the surf and skateboard culture, Benjamin JJ follows life at his own pace on the French Atlantic coast: he drives a 1965 404 Peugeot; lives in an old house he renovated himself, packed with vintage furniture and art pieces; surfs on an old school longboard and takes pictures with a medium format analog camera. Time seems timeless for him. ”

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